The Counselor Corner

My name is Tera Sherman, and I am pleased to introduce myself as the School Counselor at Rayma C. Page. The School Counseling program is comprehensive and collaborative.  My vision for the program is that all students will learn to manage their emotions and learn skills to maximize their ability to learn.  

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2018-2019 School Counseling Program Goals 


Whole Group Counseling Character Education (K-2 Weekly, 3-5 Quarterly)

By May 1, 2019 all students in grades K-5 will participate in counselor directed classroom character education lessons which will result in a decrease in discipline referrals by 10% in the 2018-2019 school year.


Small Group Counseling

By May 1, 2019 all students participating in behavior small groups will increase their pre-test score by at least 10% (varies by student).


Individual Student Planning

Students meeting with me individually in the FIN Card Check-in/Check-out program will increase their daily goal average by 5% (varies by student).

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